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Donate a car...Change a life!

Donate a car today -- online or call toll-free 877.GIVE.AUTO (877.448.3288). We accept vehicles from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, southern and mid-coastal Maine, eastern New York, and other states on a case-by-case basis.

Good News Garage is a win-win solution for donors, clients and communities. Car recipients move forward in their lives, car donors receive FREE TOWING and a TAX DEDUCTION, local businesses are utilized and communities are strengthened. Unlike most car donation charities that sell every vehicle and hire a for-profit middle man, Good News Garage allows you to maximize your impact, because our mission is to repair and provide as many cars as possible to local families.

Thanks to generous donors, Good News Garage has provided more than 4,600 vehicles to families throughout New England since 1996.

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New Hampshire and Vermont Gives
Save the Date! Good News Garage is excited to be participating in #NHGives and #VTGives. These are initiatives that raise money and awareness for nonprofits in New Hampshire and Vermont within a 24-hour, flash-mob of giving! 
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Cameron Stommel and family

We are so excited that Cameron Stommel, garage service manager at Good News Garage in Burlington, rejoined us in March after a three-month deployment in the Middle East with the Vermont Air Force National Guard. Cameron, who holds the rank of staff sergeant, has been a member of the Air Guard for eight years. Welcome back, and thank you for your service! He's pictured below being welcomed home by his wife and daughter.