Good News Garage Helps Framingham Woman

Framingham Source

February 6, 2020
Good News Garage Helps Framingham Woman

Imagine trying to live a productive life in Massachusetts without reliable transportation. It would be a struggle to say the least, but for one Framingham woman the struggle is now over.
On January 16, Framingham resident Lynette Bidder (photo attached) received a life-changing car from Good News Garage. Her used 2005 Toyota Rav-4, donated by a generous New Englander, will transport her to a brighter future. Bidder is one of over 5,000 recipients of a vehicle from Good News Garage since the New England-based nonprofit began providing reliable transportation to local people in need in 1996. 
Good News Garage works with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to provide refurbished, donated vehicles to Massachusetts residents who otherwise could not afford to purchase a car. The awarded vehicles are used to transport recipients to and from work, as well as to life’s other critical activities. 
A lack of transportation is one of the biggest reasons why people cannot achieve upward mobility. Good News Garage’s ability to help our neighbors in need is only limited by the number of vehicle donations it receives. For more information or to donate, visit