Keeping your car running smoothly in sub-zero temps


December 28, 2017
Keeping your car running smoothly in sub-zero temps

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Most everyone’s car has a hard time starting in subzero temperatures.
"In a perfect world, before the cold weather hit, you had your car checked over, all your fluid levels checked and your battery,” said Amy Barcomb, from Good News Garage in Burlington.
But don't worry. If you haven't had your car checked, there are some things you can do to make sure your morning commute goes smoothly.
"Any time it's below 10 degrees, it's a good idea to let the car warm up. It gives all the fluids a chance to heat up," Barcomb said.
Good News Garage also said if your fluid levels, such has antifreeze or gasoline, are low, it could cause you some problems.
"When you get in the car and it's sluggish, that's because the fluids are really cold and the car is having to work extra hard. So, if you can let it warm up a little bit, all the systems will run better," Barcomb said.
If you haven't gotten a new battery in the last three years, you may want to make sure it's working properly.
"If it's older or seems like it's really struggling, it's probably a good idea to go ahead and just replace it," Barcomb said.
It's also wise to have supplies in your car just in case you get stuck. Like an ice scraper, shovel and ice melter. Even a flash light, first aid kit, blankets and some extra clothing.