Car Donation Frequently Asked Questions

How is Good News Garage different from other car donation programs?
  • Good News Garage has a unique mission to repair and award as many donated vehicles as possible to local families in need.
  • All vehicle donations to Good News Garage are processed by Good News Garage staff. Many reputable charities wholesale every vehicle they receive and hire a for-profit business to process their donations. These processing companies may charge up to 70% of the vehicle’s selling price in fees.
  • Good News Garage is one of the few car donation charities that can offer a tax deduction of fair market value for vehicles awarded to an individual or family in need.
  • Good News Garage is a member of Ascentria Care Alliance, one of New England’s largest and most trusted social service agencies.
What vehicles are accepted?
You can donate a car, truck, van, motorcycle, moped, commercial vehicle, snowmobile, motor home, bus, lawn tractor, boat and jet ski (with trailer), or luxury and antique vehicle of all ages and conditions to Good News Garage. We require that you have a clean certificate of title to donate to Good News Garage (some older vehicles and some powersport vehicles may not require a certificate of title).

Does my vehicle need to be in perfect running condition?
No. Good News Garage accepts most vehicles any age -- running or not.

Is my car donation tax deductible?
Yes! Good News Garage is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is one of the few car donation charities in the country that can offer a fair market tax deduction if your car is awarded to a family in need. This can mean hundreds, even thousands more than other charities can offer. You can find more information in the IRS publication 4303 "A Donor's Guide to Vehicle Donation." We encourage you to speak with a tax preparer to fully understand your tax deduction before donating.

Is there a cost to donate my vehicle?
Absolutely not. In fact, you will be eligible to receive a tax deduction. Good News Garage will tow or pick up your vehicle free-of-charge.

Is it time consuming to donate to Good News Garage?
No. The donation process is fast and easy. Vehicles are typically picked up within three to 10 days after we receive the title, depending on where the vehicle is located.

From which states can Good News Garage accept donations?
Good News Garage accepts vehicles from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, southern and mid-coastal Maine, eastern New York, and other regions and states on a case by case basis.

What will happen to the vehicle after I donate it?
Many donated cars are repaired and provided to families in need. Some vehicles require excessive, costly repairs or would be too expensive for our recipients to maintain. These vehicles are sold and the funds help to refurbish a vehicle more appropriate for a client.

What do I need to donate my vehicle to Good News Garage?
You must have your certificate of title, or for cars older than 15 years, a Bill of Sale, and the keys. Please note that the registration is NOT the title. If you can’t find the title, ask the vehicle processor at Good News Garage about how to obtain a duplicate copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What do I do with my vehicle’s certificate of title?
You need to sign at “Signature of Seller” to transfer ownership. Titles vary by state, and if you are unsure ask the vehicle processor for more detail. You may write “Good News Garage” on the “buyer” line, but do not put in an address. We will enter the date and odometer reading.

What else should I write on the certificate of title?
Nothing. We will fill out the rest of our information with a stamp to ensure correct information and to eliminate any potential for mistakes. Mistakes require a “Letter of Correction” and slow down the processing of your donation.

Do I need to be there when my vehicle is picked up?
No. On the day of pickup, leave the keys under the driver-side mat. Our driver will pick up your car and leave a receipt. Don’t forget to remove your plates and any personal belongings, including garage door openers, sunglasses, phone chargers and EZ Passes.

When will I know what my tax deduction is?
Once the car is either delivered to a family or sold, we will send your official tax paperwork. This process can take anywhere from four to 12 weeks. If the tax deduction is over $500, we will need your social security number to prepare your IRS forms.

How do I get my vehicle donation started?
You can donate your vehicle online, or call toll-free: 877.GIVE.AUTO (877.448.3288)