Changing Lives

Access to transportation is a major barrier for low-income women and others trying to gain economic security. Our qualified applicants have significantly difficult commutes, face non-standard work shifts, require multiple childcare drops, or have jobs that require additional work-related travel or a reverse commute. Lack of a vehicle also limits access to affordable housing, healthcare, education, childcare, shopping and religious services. Lack of a vehicle consumes significant time for parents and their children - time that could be spent working, studying, participating in after-school activities, or investing in family time.

More than 80% of clients served are single parents who are struggling to achieve financial independence and a better quality of life for themselves and their children.

Good News Garage surveys our clients more than six months after receiving their car. Our year-to-date findings are that:
  • 89% of clients have experienced increased economic opportunity
  • 86% of clients have experienced an improved quality of life
  • 83% of clients consider their car, more than 12 months after receiving it, to be safe and reliable
  • 91% of Ready To Go riders report satisfaction with their rides