Donor Stories

Donated cars are the fuel for Good News Garage’s Wheels to Work program and the families who entrust their vehicles to us are very important. Many of our donors have given multiple vehicles to Good News Garage. Good News Garage prides itself on providing excellent, personalized service for our donors, and this is reflected by these impressive statistics (obtained from surveying our vehicle donors) and through the words of our donors.

  • 94% of car donors say they would donate to Good News Garage again
  • 90% of car donors reported that their car was picked up when promised
  • 88% of car donors reported that their car donation was completed quickly

Martha “Marty” Lindberg MannMartha “Marty” Lindberg Mann, former vice president for Marketing and Communications for Lutheran Social Services (now Ascentria Care Alliance): “I was present at the birth of GNG. I remember thinking, this is a crazy idea! But Hal Colston's passionate belief was contagious: that poverty could be defeated, one family at a time, through car ownership of reliable, donated vehicles. And it was my responsibility as communicator in chief for Lutheran Social Services to help spread the word to the media and community that donating a car would change a life. Clearly, it was an idea whose time had come! Before we knew it, CBS and NBC and NPR were on our doorstep in Burlington seeking personal stories of low income families who were gaining financial self-sufficiency because they finally had a ride to work.

The word has clearly spread throughout the region in the 20 years since GNG was founded, and many other charities have copied the model. Now, it is my turn -- and my joy -- to join the army of car donors to Good News Garage. Crazy idea? No. A stroke of genius!”

Thank you Marty for your donation, your vision and your dedication to helping to launch Good News Garage!

donate a car, truck or vanSusan Swain, Ascentria and GNG regional marketing director: "Over the last nine years our family has donated three times to Good News Garage with different successful outcomes each time. Our first donation, a Chrysler minivan, ended up going into the GNG VT Ready To Go program and was used for years to shuttle families around Vermont. Our second donation, an older Ford Mustang, was sold and the proceeds were used to repair another vehicle for a family. Our most recent donation, a Ford Freestyle with 118,000 miles, was awarded to a family. As a GNG employee for more than eight years, I feel privileged to not only have provided the 'keys' to help change someone’s life but to witness first-hand how impactful and critical reliable transportation can be."

John: "I was replacing my 14-year-old car and knew I wouldn't get much of a trade-in, yet the car was in good drivable condition. There was the opportunity for my car to continue to be of service to a deserving family. That was enough incentive, but then I learned I would receive a higher tax deduction. Good News Garage made that difference while helping others."

best car donation charityDavid and Michelle donated to Good News Garage when they replaced their Dodge Stratus. Five years later the family was able to donate again to Good News Garage, this time a brand new moped. “I actually had won it, and I thought ‘I really can’t see us driving around on it,'” Michelle said. The moped was provided to a New Hampshire resident for whom it meant safe transportation to and from his job.