JumpStart Program

Good News Garage’s JumpStart program provides refurbished, donated vehicles to qualified working individuals at an affordable, subsidized cost. We established this program to help individuals who do not qualify for our state-funded Wheels to Work program. By supporting JumpStart, you support our mission to empower our neighbors through affordable, reliable transportation.
Donate a vehicle or make a financial contribution to JumpStart a neighbor’s success!

JumpStart Vehicle Program

Please note, this program is on hold at this time. We hope to be on the road again soon. Please check back.

Available to residents of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • Have a valid driver’s license for your state of residence
  • Be employed or have a verifiable job offer, be seeking employment or attending education that allows you to obtain employment (e.g. training or certifications)
  • Make under 250% of the federal poverty level
  • Have a “sponsor” who can validate the applicant’s situation and need for a vehicle or repair. A sponsor could be, but is not limited to: staff from a nonprofit organization; supervisor or other manager at your employer; agency caseworker; representative from a doctor’s office, civic organization, church, etc.
  • Pay a fee of 50% of the book value of the vehicle, which is typically around $3,000
  • Travel to the local state office location to pick up the vehicle
  • Cover all costs associated with registering and insuring the vehicle
Applications must be filled out completely and legibly; incomplete paperwork or falsified information will be subject to disqualification. A denied applicant can reapply after 60 days. Vehicle availability can vary by state and time of year.